Heavenly Breeze Conversion Wrap Tai Information

At Earthy Bliss it has become my  mission to provide parents with superior quality, divine comfort, and a flattering style for the wearer of all shapes and sizes! My designs were carefully thought out with you in mind!




What is the Heavenly Breeze?


The only one of its kind “Single Layer woven carrier” 

unlike anything on the market!


The only one of its kind “Single Layer woven carrier” unlike anything on the market!  With many functional features of the exclusive “Custom Carriers” that until now, have been unattainable by the majority of baby wearers. 

This carrier gives you the breathability of no other carrier for hot weather.

This carrier comes without a hood but has a padded head rest for the comfort of your babies.

The pleated body gives your baby the deep seat providing an ergonomically correct seated position to promote healthy hip development.

This one layer carrier can be comfortably worn on the front or back, with a newborn  7 lbs to a 45 lbs pre-Schooler.  A feature never seen before in any Mei Tai Style carrier.

One simple roll of the waist and you can reduce the height of the body by 8”, and scrunch the body to fit a new born with legs out

The Straps are padded and designed to provide more comfort & promote longer wearing. This carrier features a small portion of fabric that extends just enough to cup the ball of your shoulders, therefore distributing the weight just enough to eliminate pressure points & prevent riding up on the neck & shoulder area.

Featuring a lightly padded waist with Infinity Diamond Stitching.

With comfort & functionality in mind this carrier fits wearers of all shapes and sizes. 

Original *Patent Pending* Hybrid Sling Waist provides a wide waist strap that is secured close to the Waist Panel using  a small set of rings that keep the fabric spread nice and wide across your back.  This will reduce pressure points on the lower back by distributing the weight of the baby more evenly. The best part is this innovative waist design reduces the appearance of an accentuated “muffin top” giving you a sleek and flattering appearance for parents of all shapes and sizes.